May 28, 2006

Summit Update 2.1

Few things I forgot...

First off, within the lower ages, it ain't good here. Too many cliques here for the wrong things with too many attitute problems. If the two leaders, affectionately dubbed "Buffy" and "Angel," were "taken out", the whole group dynamic would be different, and probably better.

Before coming here, I knew we would be the odd group. We are the troublemakers, the ones who dare to stand up and contradict a speaker. We have a reputation here even before we arrived; the leaders love us, the students seem to despise us. What I DIDN'T count on is the almost outright hostility some people give to us. I say almost cause it never quite crosses that invisible line.

The Bible says to "work out your salvation with fear and trembling." This seems to be almost contradictory to some people here; they like the concept of a quick and easy salvation much easier. People seem almost willing to pounce on us when we say something that they don't quite agree with it; no matter what Scripture says. People need to realize what I realized a while ago= stop trying to argue with the Bible. Just accept what is written, learn, and move on.

And I have a confession to make. I am really tired and burnt out on all of these Christian pseudo-intellectual conversations that seem to continually be about the exact same arguments. I realize there importance, but I'm tired of hearing the same stuff over and over again. Today has been a nice rebreather, but I'm still gonna be praying that God will recharge my batteries and just give me some passion to discuss stuff with people.

Here's an example of what got ALOT of people up in arms. The first, which I can discuss later, is the concept of what is TRUE. JP Moreland argues that The Bible is not true. Obviously a inflammatory statement. However, he goes on to explain why, and at the end, it's discovered that the Bible is far more than just truth. It's a tough argument, you have to listen to the whole thing to explain it, but it makes sense both philosophically and Biblically.

I don't know about his belief that animals and plants have souls though...don't quite get that one...I'll call that dross.

Another good example- "Where two or three are gathered in my mind, I am there with with them." A verse about how Christ promises that He is there in Spirit whenever a small body is gathered, right? Wrong. Read the context. It has to do with church discipline and not a bible study. And if you took it literally, Christ is only present with two or three people, no more no less. Not quite true. Ultimately it has to do with church discipline, and as always, CONTEXT CONTEXT CONTEXT.

Ok, dinner was turkey, decent, and I am full. Time to get Pepsi'd.


Anonymous said...

HA Pepsi'd!!! nice! The girl sounds really nice but dude! ya need a name 1st, ill help ya with that if ya need! lol. so ya the buick is downa and dad is using your nissan! argh. he doesnt fit but ya. thats good. grandma is here and ya same old woman. kinda annoying! oh well. 6'1 6'2 meh.. isnt that your height? david is pretty much offically taller than me now. Frick him! lol. hope i can post this succesfully.

Stuart B said...

"A name 1st?" The buick is broken? What, you drive it again?? "Downa??"

Dad is gonna break the Nissan next...grr...

Forget David, I can still take him.

Learn to spell, foo...

Anonymous said...

HA ya, i can take him too! lol buick is fixed dad and i drove your car each once. He drove it to work and i drove it home so as to prevent him from breaking it! STILL LOVE IT~!
So david is sleeping downstairs and it kinda sucks. He keeps staying up later than me! So i started work today too. Fun, GILBERT is still the same FRICKER!!!! I WANT TO SLIT HIS THROAT! i just kiddin! have fun up there!

Paul said...

Be very careful where you administer the terms of philosophy. It's a little more complex than most will realize or admit.

Being a semi-seasoned philosopher, I have problems when people are ready to label anything remotely "intellectual" as philosophy, especially when it has nothing to do with true wisdom.