Jan 31, 2007

Salt and Light in Blogger u2.0

And I've converted to Blogger 2.0. Why? Cause it wouldn't let me do otherwise. Sigh...I've "Made the Switch."

Two thoughts tonight. The first...I've noticed that it is getting easier and easier to not go to church. Part of it has to do with the schedule I'm on. Having been up for work since 3 am, unless I manage to grab a few hours nap in the afternoon, come 7, 7:30, I'm dragging. I'm sure I'd feel really good and coherent come the end of church around 9:30.

I know I need to be at church. I want to be at church; preferably on Saturday night so I can see my friends, but Wednesday works just as well. Pray that God will change my work schedule so that I can begin attending regularly again. There is a possibility I might get a part-time baker's position, with hours closer to 1-6 pm than my current 5am-10am. Pray that something works out.

Ok, the second thing for this evening. I was reading through One Step Closer: Why U2 Matters to Those Seeking God by Christian Scharen (actually a really, really terrible and poorly written book), but some scripture he used struck out to me. Specifically, Matt 5:13-4 (salt and light of the world).

(EDIT- Ok, the book is not horrible. It's by far not the worse book out there. I've just noticed some errors with it, both factual and textual, that I didn't like. I apologize if I came across as unduly critical. I guess it's the editor in me...)

What is meant here by "salt" and "light?" Since they are two different words, defining two different objects (one physical, one quasi-physical...lol), I'm gonna assume that they are referring to two seperate things. But the usage of both words is similar, and really kinda mean the same thing. So what is that thing (or things)?

What put this thought into my mind was the way the author of that U2 book, as well as Jesus, used these examples. Right now I'm lacking the words to explain what I was thinking, but these words sort of stuck with me and I can't seem to get rid of them. I'm just really curious what is being referred to specifically here. I've always heard these verses/words interchangeably, but I somehow doubt that is the case.

I'm wondering if a proper Biblical study will yield some answers.

Any thoughts?

Jan 28, 2007

Demo of new U2 song

I think Blogger really, really wants me to switch to their new version. It's "Make the Switch" all over again...

Anyways, this is a fan made video of a new U2 song/demo. Basically a guy with a camcorder hung around outside Bono's house in the south of France (summer home) back in the summer and recorded some tunes. This one is actually my favorite of the ones I've heard so far.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling this is far from the finished product. The song just seems to start abruptly and not have an ending, two things U2 needs to fix. But otherwise, it's perfect!