May 28, 2006

Summit Update #2

You'd think on the first day where nearly the whole day is free time, I'd get alot done. Not so. If you want to do laundry, plan out nearly an hour and a half. If you want to go to Wal-Mart, plan out nearly an hour and a half (for other ppl to do clothes hunting...sigh). If you want to sleep in...yeah, less hours there too. So basically, I've gotten little done, and yet what I have gotten done is very important.

Ooo...and I finally got to go to a Sonic. Not bad. Kinda like a drive in Culvers...with a pretty decent Green Chili Cheeseburger.

So...what's been happening since last update. Been sleeping better...although that's according to me, not according to others. They say I'm still screaming or whatever in my sleep. Heck, as long as I don't remember it, deal with it. Various verses people have been giving me seem to be helping does the massive dose of music I listen to right before I go to bed. Helps me get into a spiritual mindset, tires me out, and clears my mind too. That no music rule here is ridiculous; I see no difference between someone playing tunes on a guitar and someone listening to tunes on a cd player. Unless it's rap music; that's just evil.

Went to the Flying W Ranch last night (also went to Garden of the Gods...hasn't changed in five years). Food- meh, Company-meh, Attractions- meh meh...but the Music- AMAZING. I grew up listening to some old country/western bluegrass type stuff, so I knew most of the songs. Managed to get away from all the group and hang out near the door in order to feel the breeze; it was hot in there. But the music was amazing. The band really did a good job.

At times I even started to tear up; it reminded me alot of my Papa (dad's dad) and just Colorado in general. I miss him alot when I come out here; it's just not the same anymore. And I've noticed that lately I've been praying that I will get to see him and Mema together in heaven one day. It sucks not to know.

The professors have been pretty good. One old school southern preacher got really old really fast. I wanted to sleep through his whole presentation on the authenticity of Scripture. Plus, I got strong KJV Only vibes from him the whole time, so that didn't help matters. He didn't expressly say it...but I saw his reaction when he called on someone to read some Scripture and they whipped out some newer translation. People never learn.

Roommates are doing ok. Nerves are started to get a little short. Jelani and I got into a little shouting match that I didn't want to have at the time; tried to get him to just shut up but he wouldn't. Eventually I just apologized for my part in what it was about; better to end it and be sincere than drag it out. Plus he was just plain wrong, and if I had gottten Joe and Nate involved, I would have won, but that's beside the point. I don't mind. Better to be humble than be right.

I keep on hearing from everyone that when the two weeks are up you will hate to leave and want to stay. Well, so far...that ain't the case. Enough of my freedoms have been taken from me that I will be more than happy to be back home. I miss driving the most probably; I just want to go cruising in my car. Plus it would be nice to not have people yelling at you in five minute intervals that lights out are at 11. And a shower that is not a drizzle is a luxury.

Maybe I just haven't met enough girls yet...that seems to be what everyone says they miss the most. Friends. I'm not here for that, although I have been several people I want to keep in contact with.

"Rise up with wings as eagles...higher!...higher!! BEAUTIFUL DAY!!" Sorry, just listening to some tunes on J's laptop. Good old U2 in Chicago. Speaking on U2, we are up to 3 Bono/U2 references from the pulpit/lecturn here. All positive. And I discovered that there is an entire room here that loves U2! I'm in the haters room it of the guys even has that U2 ipod (I'm bittersweet about that product).

In reference to girls...I had a unique encounter last night at the Flying W. Walking around before the dinner bell, I ran across this one girl. Features were slightly Spanish, prob with a touch of European in her somewhere. I thought she was really attractive, but everyone else was giving her the "meh." She was very tall; easily 6'1" or 6'2". Attractive physicque; she wasn't a booty or whatever girl, she was just perfectly proportionate.

Ok, enough of physical's hardly the most important thing.

But what made her stood out to me was something else. Let's call it her spirit. Throughout the night I kept on running into her or just observing her (save your comments). She was at the W with her whole family; parents, siblings, even grandparents. Throughout the night, I saw her do several things.

1- She cleaned up for her family. She carried her trash away and took care of it, then came back for others trash too. And I didn't see her complain or anything. Her expression on her face wasn't exactly "PRAISE JESUS I"M SO GIDDY AND HAPPY!!", but it wasn't bitter or unhappy either. Content, or just ...I don't know. She didn't seem to mind doing it, I guess.

2- After the music was over, she walked out of the big indoor room with her family. I saw her help her mother take care of the strollers and the babies and little children. Didn't see her complain at all.

3- For some unknown reason, I stopped and bought some of the music cds before heading to the bus. Because of that, I ended up finding a seat on the bus by myself, and had to sit up front. Thank God I did that. Out she came with her family. She was pushing her grandparent, and again, didn't seem to mind it.

So why didn't I run out and ask her her name or anything? She was wearing a shirt that said '06. Don't know if it was for highschool or college. But that was a hindrance, plus that little voice inside of me that kept on saying "you didn't come to Summit to meet girls"...and that other voice saying "God, PLEASE??!!!"

It made me think alot though. I know nothing about this girl, but she seemed to scream Christ to me the entire time. Just watching and observing her, I saw traits that I recognized as Christian. Traits that I rarely see in believers, male or female...or even in myself. I caught myself praying to God that she was a Christian, or that someone would go up to her and have the nerve to witness to her. She seemed to be something special.

I'd love to know her name. I'd love to ask her if she knows Jesus (in Colo Springs, odds are she does). I wonder what her interests are. With that height and body, I bet she plays sports. I wonder if she got a scholarship for volleyball or basketball anywhere. I wonder what her name is.

It made me think about all the things I want in a woman. Maybe not the physical things; but definitely the spiritual things. There was just something about her, something that made me sit up and take notice. An inner beauty. A humbleness. A gentle spirit. And a willingness to serve others.

Made me realize just how much I've changed. And how much I have to work toward to be.

I've mentioned this to several people, but up til maybe a year and a half ago, I wanted nothing to do with "Christian" women. I'd rather date an unsaved person who is a good person than a saved person who is despicable. Christian testimony comes in multiple flavors. To me, it's more important that you have fruit in your life than if you claim the name of Christ. I can think of several girls throughout the years who have either abused the name of Christ or have been the "golden girls" of churchs and yet are some of the worse people you could be around.

Obviously, things have changed. I want a good Christian woman right now. Within reason. And picked by God.

But I hope and pray that one day I run across this young lady again and get to ask her her name. Perhaps when we are both ready.

If you can't tell, she's been haunting me since last night; actions speak louder than words or physical appearance, and I can't get her out of my mind.

Hence, I'm on a "Mysterious Ways" binge.

That's all for now. Dinner is served in 5. Time to rustle the troops.


Stuart B said...

She's haunting me ideal, not a real person...

My neck seems to be swollen. Pray I can finish this home stretch out strong...

Anonymous said...

hey Stu,
i read the frontpage of your blog today and i feel like i owe you money. Cause this type of entertainment is too good to be free. i'll definitely be back at your blog. anyhu... will join u(and others) in prayer about ur dreams. Tell Joe, Nate and Jelani that world cup fever is on! June 9th Clark's place.

Ore (from maranatha, Nigerian, Cole's roommate, going to watch world cup?, moved Dean's office with you..... ring a bell?)

Stuart B said...

Ore! Will do.

And maybe I should consider setting up a Paypal link somewhere on