May 28, 2006

Summit Update 2.1

Few things I forgot...

First off, within the lower ages, it ain't good here. Too many cliques here for the wrong things with too many attitute problems. If the two leaders, affectionately dubbed "Buffy" and "Angel," were "taken out", the whole group dynamic would be different, and probably better.

Before coming here, I knew we would be the odd group. We are the troublemakers, the ones who dare to stand up and contradict a speaker. We have a reputation here even before we arrived; the leaders love us, the students seem to despise us. What I DIDN'T count on is the almost outright hostility some people give to us. I say almost cause it never quite crosses that invisible line.

The Bible says to "work out your salvation with fear and trembling." This seems to be almost contradictory to some people here; they like the concept of a quick and easy salvation much easier. People seem almost willing to pounce on us when we say something that they don't quite agree with it; no matter what Scripture says. People need to realize what I realized a while ago= stop trying to argue with the Bible. Just accept what is written, learn, and move on.

And I have a confession to make. I am really tired and burnt out on all of these Christian pseudo-intellectual conversations that seem to continually be about the exact same arguments. I realize there importance, but I'm tired of hearing the same stuff over and over again. Today has been a nice rebreather, but I'm still gonna be praying that God will recharge my batteries and just give me some passion to discuss stuff with people.

Here's an example of what got ALOT of people up in arms. The first, which I can discuss later, is the concept of what is TRUE. JP Moreland argues that The Bible is not true. Obviously a inflammatory statement. However, he goes on to explain why, and at the end, it's discovered that the Bible is far more than just truth. It's a tough argument, you have to listen to the whole thing to explain it, but it makes sense both philosophically and Biblically.

I don't know about his belief that animals and plants have souls though...don't quite get that one...I'll call that dross.

Another good example- "Where two or three are gathered in my mind, I am there with with them." A verse about how Christ promises that He is there in Spirit whenever a small body is gathered, right? Wrong. Read the context. It has to do with church discipline and not a bible study. And if you took it literally, Christ is only present with two or three people, no more no less. Not quite true. Ultimately it has to do with church discipline, and as always, CONTEXT CONTEXT CONTEXT.

Ok, dinner was turkey, decent, and I am full. Time to get Pepsi'd.

Summit Update #2

You'd think on the first day where nearly the whole day is free time, I'd get alot done. Not so. If you want to do laundry, plan out nearly an hour and a half. If you want to go to Wal-Mart, plan out nearly an hour and a half (for other ppl to do clothes hunting...sigh). If you want to sleep in...yeah, less hours there too. So basically, I've gotten little done, and yet what I have gotten done is very important.

Ooo...and I finally got to go to a Sonic. Not bad. Kinda like a drive in Culvers...with a pretty decent Green Chili Cheeseburger.

So...what's been happening since last update. Been sleeping better...although that's according to me, not according to others. They say I'm still screaming or whatever in my sleep. Heck, as long as I don't remember it, deal with it. Various verses people have been giving me seem to be helping does the massive dose of music I listen to right before I go to bed. Helps me get into a spiritual mindset, tires me out, and clears my mind too. That no music rule here is ridiculous; I see no difference between someone playing tunes on a guitar and someone listening to tunes on a cd player. Unless it's rap music; that's just evil.

Went to the Flying W Ranch last night (also went to Garden of the Gods...hasn't changed in five years). Food- meh, Company-meh, Attractions- meh meh...but the Music- AMAZING. I grew up listening to some old country/western bluegrass type stuff, so I knew most of the songs. Managed to get away from all the group and hang out near the door in order to feel the breeze; it was hot in there. But the music was amazing. The band really did a good job.

At times I even started to tear up; it reminded me alot of my Papa (dad's dad) and just Colorado in general. I miss him alot when I come out here; it's just not the same anymore. And I've noticed that lately I've been praying that I will get to see him and Mema together in heaven one day. It sucks not to know.

The professors have been pretty good. One old school southern preacher got really old really fast. I wanted to sleep through his whole presentation on the authenticity of Scripture. Plus, I got strong KJV Only vibes from him the whole time, so that didn't help matters. He didn't expressly say it...but I saw his reaction when he called on someone to read some Scripture and they whipped out some newer translation. People never learn.

Roommates are doing ok. Nerves are started to get a little short. Jelani and I got into a little shouting match that I didn't want to have at the time; tried to get him to just shut up but he wouldn't. Eventually I just apologized for my part in what it was about; better to end it and be sincere than drag it out. Plus he was just plain wrong, and if I had gottten Joe and Nate involved, I would have won, but that's beside the point. I don't mind. Better to be humble than be right.

I keep on hearing from everyone that when the two weeks are up you will hate to leave and want to stay. Well, so far...that ain't the case. Enough of my freedoms have been taken from me that I will be more than happy to be back home. I miss driving the most probably; I just want to go cruising in my car. Plus it would be nice to not have people yelling at you in five minute intervals that lights out are at 11. And a shower that is not a drizzle is a luxury.

Maybe I just haven't met enough girls yet...that seems to be what everyone says they miss the most. Friends. I'm not here for that, although I have been several people I want to keep in contact with.

"Rise up with wings as eagles...higher!...higher!! BEAUTIFUL DAY!!" Sorry, just listening to some tunes on J's laptop. Good old U2 in Chicago. Speaking on U2, we are up to 3 Bono/U2 references from the pulpit/lecturn here. All positive. And I discovered that there is an entire room here that loves U2! I'm in the haters room it of the guys even has that U2 ipod (I'm bittersweet about that product).

In reference to girls...I had a unique encounter last night at the Flying W. Walking around before the dinner bell, I ran across this one girl. Features were slightly Spanish, prob with a touch of European in her somewhere. I thought she was really attractive, but everyone else was giving her the "meh." She was very tall; easily 6'1" or 6'2". Attractive physicque; she wasn't a booty or whatever girl, she was just perfectly proportionate.

Ok, enough of physical's hardly the most important thing.

But what made her stood out to me was something else. Let's call it her spirit. Throughout the night I kept on running into her or just observing her (save your comments). She was at the W with her whole family; parents, siblings, even grandparents. Throughout the night, I saw her do several things.

1- She cleaned up for her family. She carried her trash away and took care of it, then came back for others trash too. And I didn't see her complain or anything. Her expression on her face wasn't exactly "PRAISE JESUS I"M SO GIDDY AND HAPPY!!", but it wasn't bitter or unhappy either. Content, or just ...I don't know. She didn't seem to mind doing it, I guess.

2- After the music was over, she walked out of the big indoor room with her family. I saw her help her mother take care of the strollers and the babies and little children. Didn't see her complain at all.

3- For some unknown reason, I stopped and bought some of the music cds before heading to the bus. Because of that, I ended up finding a seat on the bus by myself, and had to sit up front. Thank God I did that. Out she came with her family. She was pushing her grandparent, and again, didn't seem to mind it.

So why didn't I run out and ask her her name or anything? She was wearing a shirt that said '06. Don't know if it was for highschool or college. But that was a hindrance, plus that little voice inside of me that kept on saying "you didn't come to Summit to meet girls"...and that other voice saying "God, PLEASE??!!!"

It made me think alot though. I know nothing about this girl, but she seemed to scream Christ to me the entire time. Just watching and observing her, I saw traits that I recognized as Christian. Traits that I rarely see in believers, male or female...or even in myself. I caught myself praying to God that she was a Christian, or that someone would go up to her and have the nerve to witness to her. She seemed to be something special.

I'd love to know her name. I'd love to ask her if she knows Jesus (in Colo Springs, odds are she does). I wonder what her interests are. With that height and body, I bet she plays sports. I wonder if she got a scholarship for volleyball or basketball anywhere. I wonder what her name is.

It made me think about all the things I want in a woman. Maybe not the physical things; but definitely the spiritual things. There was just something about her, something that made me sit up and take notice. An inner beauty. A humbleness. A gentle spirit. And a willingness to serve others.

Made me realize just how much I've changed. And how much I have to work toward to be.

I've mentioned this to several people, but up til maybe a year and a half ago, I wanted nothing to do with "Christian" women. I'd rather date an unsaved person who is a good person than a saved person who is despicable. Christian testimony comes in multiple flavors. To me, it's more important that you have fruit in your life than if you claim the name of Christ. I can think of several girls throughout the years who have either abused the name of Christ or have been the "golden girls" of churchs and yet are some of the worse people you could be around.

Obviously, things have changed. I want a good Christian woman right now. Within reason. And picked by God.

But I hope and pray that one day I run across this young lady again and get to ask her her name. Perhaps when we are both ready.

If you can't tell, she's been haunting me since last night; actions speak louder than words or physical appearance, and I can't get her out of my mind.

Hence, I'm on a "Mysterious Ways" binge.

That's all for now. Dinner is served in 5. Time to rustle the troops.

May 24, 2006

Summit Update

Originally I was planning on going on a two week internet media fast, but since we discovered that this place has wi-fi, and Jelani brought his laptop, I am now pecking away at a rather crappy Mac keyboard...I hate laptops in general I guess...

So, lets see. So far, I am enjoying myself. The speakers have generally been excellent, I'm learning stuff, although honestly I learn more listening to Chris and others talk than I do the speakers. Most of the worldview stuff is old hat to me...although some of it is pretty new.

We got a pretty sweet room...Joe, J, Nate, and I. Got our own bathroom AND walk in closet, although the shower's water pressure leaves alot to be desired. And so far we are rocking a 99% cleaning average...only high scores for us.

Its worth pointing out that the dreams have started again. I've been having some crazy nightmares for a while, and the last two nights have not been that fun. First I had a dream where I was being chased through the Summitt hotel by dogs; Joe claims I kept on moaning "" before I woke up. He said he felt some demonic presence in the room...which would explain alot.

Last night was crazier. I fell to I was going to sleep, all of a sudden the room was filled with a dark red light was streaming through the blinds. The bunks changed, became cold and dark instead of wood. The other guys were gone, although 3 new people where in each of their places. I'm on the bottom bunk; the top above me all of a sudden had a bright glowing red scar in it.

Then I woke up. Began praying heavily for this to stop...or for meaning. Fell back asleep...slipped right back into the same place. Woke up, prayed. Plead. Fell asleep again...went to a place similar, but this time, a big pair of mechanical wind up party teeth (those clatterer things) was heading straight for Joe, and in blind panic and concern I woke up and grabbed his arm! If you know Joe, you know this freaks him out. So as I slowly lost sight of my "vision" or dream, we both seemed to calm each other down, and eventually fell asleep.

Needless to say, I am very tired of this nonsense. Chris is convinced it's demonic, the dreams at least, but also that I have some gift of sight into the spiritual world. Would explain A LOT to me. Yet when he mentions something like that, my first thought is, "Didn't Bruce preach against mysticism recently?" Obviously I need to do some researching, studying, and seeking of God on this.

But I just want to sleep peacefully without having to tire myself out first.

Other than that, Summitt is going good. I started praying early last week that this experience would not become the typical girl hunt/attraction thing that I and many seem to easily slip into. That said, if God is willing, please, by all means, let me know. There are some girls here who I would love to get to know better, but I'm not going to let myself because that is not why I came here...unlike some who are unnamed.

One important truth related to that: Beauty is deceptive. Yet on the flipside, a soul needs beauty for a soulmate. So...I'm not gonna be deceived anymore. Yeah...

On a lighter note- caffeine headaches are becoming a norm. Thankfully we were able to sneak off the compound and buy some RCs and Dew. And some bribes for the hotel staff, but that's a different story.

Wow but I feel old here...

Update Complete. Stay tuned for more...possibly.

May 15, 2006

Power Blog!!

Introducing the first of possibly many Power Blogs...meaning I write alot on various stuff and just do it all at once. Get bored at I blog.


More often then not, I'm able to find people who say the words I can't formulate. Here's a good example of one of my thoughts...from a list of the Top 10 Contributions Charasmatics have made to Christianity, taken from

1. A focus on New Testament “gifts of the Spirit” such as healing, prophecy, and tongues.

I’m very much of a split mind on this since, although I’m not the normal reformed cessationist, the vast majority of what passes today in public as the practice of these gifts is, in my experience, fake. (How many times have I heard an overwrought matron prophesying, “O my people, I just want to love you and to gather you to my bosom, if you would only let me.” No thanks--this is no prophetic word, but only an overwrought matron.

I'm tending to agree. I really don't believe I have heard anyone truly speak in tongues since I started attending Marantha. However, I will admit that it's possible I have; I can think of one or two people whose occasional mutterings might have been legit. However, when someone can just "turn it on" or "speak it" in the Spirit...I admit I doubt it's true. To them, maybe; not to me.

And those prophetic words people like to blurt out during the songs...yeaaaahhhh...except for Dean's leading, I think they are just annoying. The words might be true, and the meaning and spirit (lower case) behind them are sincere, but they are hardly prophetic. If I said "God loves you," that's not prophetic; it's just Bible, and really, it's just


Although the guy does go on to point out 1Corinthians 14:39...and I agree with that. And he makes some REALLY good points in the next bit...

Deadpan worship devoid of emotions and physical movement is the bane of reformed worship. God gave us emotions and bodies, and both should be active in worship. As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, Scripture is filled with examples of the people of God in worship kneeling, shouting, dancing, falling on their faces, standing, lifting their hands, and so on. The absence of any body movement beyond standing and sitting in reformed worship is an indication of our worship of the intellect and our tendency to lift doctrine above practice. So you won’t be surprised to find out that I believe it’s sin, and that in our congregation we kneel, stand, lift our hands, and that I hope the day will come when we will dance and fall on our faces, too.

I'll just work on some emotion for the time being...maybe a hand raised...


In other news, it's kinda funny that my screensaver on my computer provides a better focus point than President Bush's face. It's hard watching the guy at times; but I did listen/watch the Presidential address tonight. If there is one thing I can say about my years at community college is that it taught me the importance of paying attention to the world and the news. Thanks Jack, you've cemented me as a Fox watcher...much to your chagrin! (Don't worry, I check both sides...just trying to be fair and balanced...)

But in regards to his address and the whole issue...

I don't know.

He makes some good points...everyone makes some good points...but what's the best point?

Should we grant complete amnesty to any illegal who has had a child in our country? Probably not.

Should illegal workers be deported and forced to complete the immigration process if they want back in? I'd say yes. But then again, wouldn't half of Hollywood and our music industry be gone? LoL...

Amnesty vs total amnesty vs partial amnesty vs no amnesty. Which of these 4 views do I hold to? It's tricky...I'm probably leaning toward no amnesty...but on conditions, none of which have to do with the illegal immigrants specifically.

For of the big arguments is that illegals do the work Americans won't do. Yet why won't Americans do the jobs? Could the fact that companies pay crap have anything to do with it? I'd be willing to be a "sanitation engineer" if I'm guaranteed more than $5-7 an hour. You just can't live off that. In today's society, if you are working a 40 hour week, it's probably MINIMUM to earn at least $10 an hour just in order to survive; and even then, you are probably have to live with 4 other people just to afford a 2 bedroom apartment that was made for cheaper than your monthly rent.

There are just too many problems with our society for any one solution to fix them all. Greed is just too prevalant, and too much power is in too few hands. Change is needed.

Or perhaps just grace and God...

I must admit, I find sites like offensive. It annoys me to no end that people are willing to base their discernment on a movie based on the number of cusswords, amount of violence, or hints of sexualness that are contained within a film or tv show. Maybe its my aspirations to be a filmmaker, tv producer, story writer, or just lover of fiction...I don't know.

If someone were to make a movie about the salvation of a prisoner on deathrow, and included his illegal and possibily murderous past, and wanted to make it lifelike...would he not use cusswords? Probably not. That's not reality. "I just don't feel comfortable exposing myself to such things." You mean you never walk underneath that sign in your church that says "You are now entering the mission field"?

Would a movie about a Christian martyr who stood up for his beliefs and got executed not include violence? Hardly. That's not reality.

And just how do you define sexual immorality? Nudity? Kissing? Bare shoulders? If a married couple, within the context of the story, kiss...does that offend you? Do you turn away in shame or, worse yet, in sin? "But they aren't married in real life." What if they were? Would you turn away at a marriage ceremony when the minister says "You may kiss the bride?" Where do you draw the line?

You know, I realize I'm just preaching to the backrows. You all have your set beliefs, and nothing less than the voice of God will change your mind...or my mind probably too...although we both will continue to shout at each other and get annoyed at each other. And then one of us will get tired of it, and start saying stuff like "well what works for you is between you and God, and this is just how I live MY life...but really, according to X scripture, you should..."

And eventually one of us will walk away from the room in disgust. And saddened that a God given opportunity for fellowship and discourse has been lost due to our "sinful nature."

So what it's worth...I apologize. I don't really want to be the party that causes others to stumble.

But I still just don't understand.
And I know I might ruffle some feathers by saying this...but why is it that some people either seem to take delight in or feel it is their Godly duty to dig up and throw dirt on people's enjoyments?

Real life examples I've heard-

"You like Superman? Did you know he is the Anti-Christ, the exact opposite of all that Christ should be!! You should not expose such filth to your children."

"You own a gun? Oh, you enjoy hunting. Did you know the Bible says we shouldn't condone violence?" I still don't get that one...

"How can you drink out of a brown bottle? Oh, it's root beer? Well, the Bible I read says that you should avoid the appearance of evil and not tempt others, and it really looks like you are drinking some evil drink there. But, really, that's just what my Bible says..."

The worse of the lot...and I realize this doesn't apply anymore to alot of people, but I've still heard it-

"NIV? How can you be saved if you are reading an uninspired evil translation made by a council of devil worshippers and homosexuals? I don't care if you have been saved for years...unless you read the inspired King James Version of the Bible, you are NOT SAVED."

And my personal favorite: "You like U2? Did you know, ignoring the instruments and STYLE of music they play and the fact that they drink alcohol, that Bono once dressed up as the Devil and that he appeared nude once? Or that U2's lyrics say that salvation isn't all that is necessary in this world, that "they still haven't found what they are looking for," so obviously they are unBiblical as well as unsaved?

I just don't understand. And I can hear some of you thinking "the boy is just ticked off at everything" or "he must like being angry all the time"...well, really, I'm not, and I don't want to be. I'm saddened more than angry; frustrated or disheartened perhaps.

And after writing all this, pretty depressed...


And one final plug...the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, Stadium Arcadia, a double disc, is actually not too bad. However, far too many of the songs can be fit under that "b-side" banner, but most of them are on the second of the two discs (second in my mind, not their mind). Still, it's an excellent album, well worth picking up if you enjoy good music.

And of course, for some truly excellent music, try U2 or Kaiser Chiefs.


Thus concludes Power Blog...

May 10, 2006

E3 2006

As most of you are probably unaware, E3, the big Electronic Entertainment Expo, is currently underway in California.

This is the big event for anyone interested or working in video games. All the companies come out for a three day fest, revealing new hardware, games, designs, mergers, what have you. It's the biggest and wildest videogame party in the world. And it's exclusive to the industry, so not just anyone can get in...which is a shame.

Most of you probably don't care at all about videogames. "Waste of time" "Immature" "time better spent reading your Bible!", etc, I've heard it all. I don't need to defend videogames. Just because the industry is rivaling Hollywood and most videogames deliver a better story and entertainment experience ("Killing people is entertaining??" ignorant) than most movies...well, a stuck opinion won't change overnight.

HOWEVER! Nintendo is trying to change all that with it's new system, the...Wii. Terrible, terrible name, yes. It used to be codenamed the Nintendo Revolution, which is alot better. But anyways, it looks like its going to be really fun to play with Nintendo's Wii.

I could go into detail regarding why this new innovation and system is going to explode the gaming market...but rather, I'd just as assume you watch two short videos.

Fairly confident these are the much stuff is being updated on the website that it gets difficult to keep track of where everything goes.

Anyways...the Wii is amazing.

Happy Birthday, Bono!!

Thanks for the songs and memories throughout the years...

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Happy Birthday! Hope 46 is just as memorable as the previous 45!!

May 9, 2006

"A different kind of conversation..."

Two points to the people who know where that quote comes from...

Before I begin, I'd like to give a shoutout/promo to Jeffrey Overstreet from ChristianityToday and and I highly respect this man, and I thank him for giving me some perspective on things in my life. Thanks, Jeffrey.
As most of you know, or any one who really bothers to read my profile before sending me a friend invite, I really like a lot of different television shows. My tastes have ranged from Star Trek and Andromeda, The Dead Zone and Smallville, to more serious fare like 24 and Band of Brothers. And any day of the week, I will happily convince you that television is the ultimate entertainment medium.

Movies? Two to three hours per installment, expensive, limited story but huge budget. Books? Lots of room to develop characters, but limited by imagination, reading ability, or author's skill. Music? Purely auditory; even my beloved U2 pales in comparison to the live U2. (However, the best version of Star Wars is the Original Radio Drama that was made in the late 80's)

Television. A good tv show runs for maybe six to ten years. At maybe 22-24 episodes per season, that's 220 to 240 hours of entertainment. That gives enough time to properly develop characters, stories, plots, a fan base, anything really. Audio is of top notch quality, a new installment happens every week or thereabouts, and the summer hiatus allows anticipation to build up for the next season.

And as anybody who gets hooked on a tv show can tell you, you being to fall in love with the characters, spending time with them for years, making them almost close friends. When a tv show ends after a long successful run, it's both bittersweet and exciting. You want more, but more than likely, you aren't going to get anymore (Star Trek is the exception to the rule).
Television is also a mixed bag. For every good show, there is a terrible show that either fails miserably, or worse yet, succeeds. For every Coach, there is a Friends; for every Hercules, there is a Sinbad (bet you don't remember that show!); for every Smallville, there is a Birds of Prey; for every CSI, there is a CSI Miami/NewYork/LA/Last Vegas/Minneapolis; for every Last Comic Standing, there is an American Idol; and for every Family Guy, there is an American Dad.
In Christian circles, television gets a bad rap. People are always telling you that you should not be watching such filth, that it is corrupting your mind, garbage in garbage out. And after my initial anger about the closemindedness of such people (or am I too openminded?), I'll admit I tend to agree. You watch crap, you're gonna think it's all crap.

But just because there is a Fantasy Island, Desperate Housewives, or OC, doesn't mean that all television productions are idiotic mass catering filth. Obviously everyone's standards are quite different (The Bible is not TV Guide, obviously), so what is ok for one person is morally inapproachable for another.

Let's use a pretty universal example: Star Trek. Everyone knows that I love Star Trek. I use to run home (when I lived in Green Bay) as soon as church was done so I could catch Star Trek: Voyager. Nowadays, for the quality of that show...I probably wouldn't, but at that time, I did.
The original basis for Star Trek was Gene Roddenberry's humanist idea of a perfect future. Crime would be abolished, race wasn't a problem, sexism was gone, religion was unneeded, and diversity flourished throughout the Federation! Obviously, on paper, there are some great ideas present; but as with everything, great ideas don't make great reality. Or rather, reality will never be those ideals. On paper, Commune-ism is a wonderful idea, but we all know what Communism has done for this world.

Star Trek is, at it's best (according to Gene, most of the actors, and Rick Berman, Gene's successor), about "dramatising the human element." Basically, it's an excuse to preach an agenda. People were hired and became creative contributors when they were able to tell a story that pushed some social agenda. The fine line they walk is being able to still tell a decent story; yet if you look and analyze every episode of Star Trek, you will find that the best episodes do not have an agenda, and the worse ones are shouting it into your face (ex, TNGs "Best of Both Worlds", no noticeable agenda; ENTs "Stigma", arguably the worse episode of Star Trek ever produced).

Obviously, I got into Star Trek at a young age, and it captivated me. Nowadays, it's almost hard to watch whole seasons because of the political agenda. Yet this emphasises my point; I recognize when the show is crap or when it's good (and near the end of Enterprise, it was more than good; it was the best season of Star Trek ever produced).

Just because something has an agenda behind it does not mean that it cannot tell a good story or teach positive values. I once had someone tell me to my face that fiction is not worth reading because it does not exhort, teach valuable lessons, or dwell on spiritual ideas. Basically, if it's not the Bible or some educational material, it's not worth touching. He was alluding to a certain Bible verse, which I sadly cannot remember at this time.

Needless to say, I wholeheartedly disagree, but that's a different discussion.

I guess the point I am trying to make in this blog is that you can not dismiss something because of the medium it is in. Yes, crap exists; so does prime rib. If you turned on your television, you will find a variety of shows, some you will like, others you will despise. Just because something is new and unknown...does that mean you shouldn't give it a chance?

This originally started out as me promoting a certain tv show I like, NOT Star Trek, but eventually words and thoughts just came flowing out. I'll write about that other show some other day. Right now, enjoy this blog, and try to make sense of my ramblings......if it seems that I switched ideas or topics mid Blog, that's because I actually bad. I'll work on that for the idea, one blog...

May 2, 2006

a small collection of thoughts

I'm probably going to be sitting down and writing some big long rant/essay on some stuff in a while...but for now, I'm using this as a temporary storage spot for some thoughts. Comment freely.

1- Doctrinal error is NOT sin. Why do people believe this? By definition, it's merely just "doctrinal" and "error." An error is not a sin; it's a chance to learn what is true.

2- Is the pastor of a church really chosen by the people? What if that pastor founded and started that church? As soon as there are more than 2 members, is he supposed to be "voted in?"

3- How do fundamentalists get off saying that they follow the true and error free fundamental views of the New Testament when they spend so much time trying to figure out exactly what they say or what new topic of popular culture to rail on this week?

4- What is the point of the Christian life? To constantly learn and expound and dwell on doctrine? To stand in defense of doctrine when error is presented?

5- Why do Christians, especially I, have to be more on guard toward other Christians than towards the unsaved? Why are Christians the worse enemy of Christians? ("You have no reason to fear the light if you are living in the light...")(Whose light?)

6- Why is there elitism in the various Christian sects? Meaning, why does Baptist/Lutheran = Christian?

7- Why is the true Biblical definition of "Biblical Seperation?"

8- Why do Fundamentalists hate Billy Graham?

9- Why do Fundamentalists hate music, drums, guitars, and dancing?

10- Why do these things even matter to me anymore if I know that its irrelevant and I don't believe it and the Bible is what is really true?

I've got some hangups to deal long learning process probably...

A prayer

Oh Lord, if it be Thy will, please send me to E3. I would really like to go this year.

If not, will you impress on my neighbors to allow me to live in their house and watch G4 until the show is over?

Better yet, help me figure out what to do next semester for school...