May 24, 2006

Summit Update

Originally I was planning on going on a two week internet media fast, but since we discovered that this place has wi-fi, and Jelani brought his laptop, I am now pecking away at a rather crappy Mac keyboard...I hate laptops in general I guess...

So, lets see. So far, I am enjoying myself. The speakers have generally been excellent, I'm learning stuff, although honestly I learn more listening to Chris and others talk than I do the speakers. Most of the worldview stuff is old hat to me...although some of it is pretty new.

We got a pretty sweet room...Joe, J, Nate, and I. Got our own bathroom AND walk in closet, although the shower's water pressure leaves alot to be desired. And so far we are rocking a 99% cleaning average...only high scores for us.

Its worth pointing out that the dreams have started again. I've been having some crazy nightmares for a while, and the last two nights have not been that fun. First I had a dream where I was being chased through the Summitt hotel by dogs; Joe claims I kept on moaning "" before I woke up. He said he felt some demonic presence in the room...which would explain alot.

Last night was crazier. I fell to I was going to sleep, all of a sudden the room was filled with a dark red light was streaming through the blinds. The bunks changed, became cold and dark instead of wood. The other guys were gone, although 3 new people where in each of their places. I'm on the bottom bunk; the top above me all of a sudden had a bright glowing red scar in it.

Then I woke up. Began praying heavily for this to stop...or for meaning. Fell back asleep...slipped right back into the same place. Woke up, prayed. Plead. Fell asleep again...went to a place similar, but this time, a big pair of mechanical wind up party teeth (those clatterer things) was heading straight for Joe, and in blind panic and concern I woke up and grabbed his arm! If you know Joe, you know this freaks him out. So as I slowly lost sight of my "vision" or dream, we both seemed to calm each other down, and eventually fell asleep.

Needless to say, I am very tired of this nonsense. Chris is convinced it's demonic, the dreams at least, but also that I have some gift of sight into the spiritual world. Would explain A LOT to me. Yet when he mentions something like that, my first thought is, "Didn't Bruce preach against mysticism recently?" Obviously I need to do some researching, studying, and seeking of God on this.

But I just want to sleep peacefully without having to tire myself out first.

Other than that, Summitt is going good. I started praying early last week that this experience would not become the typical girl hunt/attraction thing that I and many seem to easily slip into. That said, if God is willing, please, by all means, let me know. There are some girls here who I would love to get to know better, but I'm not going to let myself because that is not why I came here...unlike some who are unnamed.

One important truth related to that: Beauty is deceptive. Yet on the flipside, a soul needs beauty for a soulmate. So...I'm not gonna be deceived anymore. Yeah...

On a lighter note- caffeine headaches are becoming a norm. Thankfully we were able to sneak off the compound and buy some RCs and Dew. And some bribes for the hotel staff, but that's a different story.

Wow but I feel old here...

Update Complete. Stay tuned for more...possibly.


The Charlebois said...

Sounds like a demonic attack to me. As with any hotel, I would encourage you guys to walk around the room, pray for it, and claim it for Jesus. You never know who has stayed in that room before you, what perverse and/or demonic things were done there before you got there. The room needs to be cleaned up of that stuff.
There's a big difference between recognizing the things of the spirit and mysticism. I applaud you for wanting to search those differences out further.
The devil would LOVE for you to live under attack during these two weeks so that you're not able to glean as much as God has for you out there. Let's not let that happen.
As for the girls - GET OVER IT. You're not there for ladies!!! (Or at least you shouldn't be!) And besides, most of them you'll never see again. Trust me - I've been to Summit twice.

Stuart B said...

Well, at least I didn't come to Summit with the purpose of FINDING someone...although I've heard stories of marriages coming up out of Summit.

Last few nights have been peaceful...for me at least. Others say differently, but as long as I am sleeping Good enough.

Stuart B said...
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