May 2, 2006

a small collection of thoughts

I'm probably going to be sitting down and writing some big long rant/essay on some stuff in a while...but for now, I'm using this as a temporary storage spot for some thoughts. Comment freely.

1- Doctrinal error is NOT sin. Why do people believe this? By definition, it's merely just "doctrinal" and "error." An error is not a sin; it's a chance to learn what is true.

2- Is the pastor of a church really chosen by the people? What if that pastor founded and started that church? As soon as there are more than 2 members, is he supposed to be "voted in?"

3- How do fundamentalists get off saying that they follow the true and error free fundamental views of the New Testament when they spend so much time trying to figure out exactly what they say or what new topic of popular culture to rail on this week?

4- What is the point of the Christian life? To constantly learn and expound and dwell on doctrine? To stand in defense of doctrine when error is presented?

5- Why do Christians, especially I, have to be more on guard toward other Christians than towards the unsaved? Why are Christians the worse enemy of Christians? ("You have no reason to fear the light if you are living in the light...")(Whose light?)

6- Why is there elitism in the various Christian sects? Meaning, why does Baptist/Lutheran = Christian?

7- Why is the true Biblical definition of "Biblical Seperation?"

8- Why do Fundamentalists hate Billy Graham?

9- Why do Fundamentalists hate music, drums, guitars, and dancing?

10- Why do these things even matter to me anymore if I know that its irrelevant and I don't believe it and the Bible is what is really true?

I've got some hangups to deal long learning process probably...


Joel said...

You might start by reading a book by Richard Mitchell called Less Than Words Can Say. I think it would help you.

Here is the whole thing online:

Ryan Martin said...

Stuart, I have been wanting to talk to you. Could you email me at Please? Where are you? How are you doing?