Jun 2, 2006

Summit Update #3

"Free at last, free at last...THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, I'M FREE AT LAST!!!"

Don't start asking if I had a good time...I need some time to unwind/ponder/unwind/pray/unwind; I'll write a Summit Coda later. Emphasis on the unwind. By Wednesday night, I was ready to go home, and it's only by the grace of God that I've been able to enjoy myself the last few days. It seems some prayer does work...lol, just kidding. Still, I will be very glad to be home.

Summit is a great experience. I'm already planning on getting/paying for my brother to come here next summer, and I'm also scheming about how to get Fourth's youth group to come here. It's that important.

But for me, I unwind by being alone. If I could have a weekend off, just by myself, I would be ready for another two week stint at Summit. However, I will admit that I'm thinking about applying to work here some summer. It would be a great experience, and hopefully one God will bless.


Down the hall there is a party going on. Parties and me aren't exactly best of friends. While I can enjoy certain types of parties, the mass of people, the sweat, the heat, and the idiocity eventually just wear me down. Everyone has to take pictures with everyone, regardless who they are. (Or their age in relation to your own...) There are very few people here that I will honestly miss, and I've already made arrangements to keep in touch with them. There are a few people I will miss seeing and experiencing every day, but that's different. I miss Conan O'Brien, but it's not like he's a personal friend...yet (one day).

Am I being anti-social? Possibily. I don't know. I just know it's very hard for me to be "slow to anger" around a huge mass of people. You will always run into that one person who is just ignorant of his/her surroundings and has a big ego. I'm probably doing everyone a favor by not hanging around behind everyone and just listening to everyone talk because they never slow down for a second.

I'd rather just sit here and think and listen to Delirious on J's laptop...

"On Christ the solid Rock we will stand!/All other ground...is sinking sand"


Tomorrow we get up waaaaaay too early and drive back to Minnesota. If I'm lucky...I might get a chance to drive. Don't really know if that is wise though; I'm already under probation, and Jonathan has a reputation for being a "speed nazi" or something. But still...it would definitely be a nice change of pace, and I know I can last behind the wheel, especially if the speed control actually works.

Although...I imagine the seating arrangement will be the same as it was coming down. And although I do love Beau and Garrett (at times)...their taste in music and sermons leaves me a little bland at times. I somehow doubt I'll be able to just flip on the radio or turn on my cds and listen to what I want to; unless they are asleep.

Music parity...I should get a t-shirt saying "I DEMAND MUSIC PARITY!!"

But "lest ye offend..."


There's a pretty heavy subject weighing on my heart right now. It's a subject that has slowly been building but nigh exploded last night. An event happened that I praise God for. But behind it is something else. I've been praying about it, and probably gonna be praying about it for a while. Wisdom is what I need. Do I just let this pass, or do I act on it? Will it be beneficial to anyone, or will it just cause harm?

I'm so tired of thinking and dealing with the tough and big questions...

Chris tells me that instead of reading a book/watching tv/listening to music/or anything else, he's rather just sit and think. Well...good for him. If that helps him, I support it. But for me, I am so tired of thinking...so weary...my mind won't shut down.

I use things to not think...and I thank God for them.


Well, I better go rejoin civilization.

I need caffeine...

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Anonymous said...

world cup at Clark's this Friday, reply my email by wed if you can come. Also if u see Joe, Nate and Jelani let them know.