Oct 16, 2007

OSC strikes again


And since the Smart People (aka, Liberals) try to avoid ever meeting or spending time with any of these Stupid People (rural Americans), the only thing they can do to get control of the parts of the American power structure they don't already own is to lie.

The Smart People don't even think they're lying, though. They don't count it as a sin (they don't even believe in sin) to lie to Stupid People. It's sort of the Santa Claus principle. You tell them whatever you need to tell them in order to get them to let you have your way.

You tell them we're losing a war we're winning. You tell them that the best-behaved army in history is routinely committing atrocities. You tell them that the war that has the lowest rate of civilian casualties in history, proportionate to the number of combatants, is the cruelest. You tell them that a fully justified war based on many principles of international law and historical precedent is "based on a lie."

That's the favorite one. Your best lie. You accuse the Stupid President of lying all the time, though in fact that's the Smart People's primary tactic. Like pretending that Rush Limbaugh meant something that he obviously didn't mean and making a huge deal about it -- while declining to condemn the outrageous lies of MoveOn.Org as they slander a fine commander.

The biggest lie in this little flap about Limbaugh is not what they say about Limbaugh. It's their pretense that they actually care about American soldiers.


You have no idea how hard it is for me to hold my tongue in class nowadays...

Oct 13, 2007

Regarding certain rumors...

The answer is...yes. But a limited yes. Macbook Pro with Windows XP running via Fuzion. Best of both worlds in one little package. See ya Dell...hello gorgeous!

Faith via Bartleman

Been reading through that Azusa Street book by Bartleman. It's been a pretty illuminating read. Did you know that nearly every revival that has occured throughout history has brought the church one step closer to it's apostolic origins? Some revivals emphasized Bible, others doctrine, still others the social angle of the gospel, and fairly recently the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

There is a thought that has been brewing in my mind while reading this book. It's one of those stupid yet simple things that has happened to me before. Where you finally realize something that totally illuminates and changes your soul but that everyone else takes for granted.

Faith. Such a simple word, but loaded with so much meaning. As Bartleman and others in the book recount, everyone during the period of Azusa and the Wales revival believed by faith that a revival was coming. They didn't know how, they didn't plan or try to manufacture one...they just believed, trusted in faith, that it would happen.

AND IT DID. What's to prevent us from having such a thing again? Ourselves it would seem. God...well, requires faith in order to operate. Obviously he doesn't need faith...but he tends to work when faith is present. So if enough of us pray and believe for revival...if we build up our faith...then it will come. And it will be glorious.

This actually has some personal significance too. I need to build my faith up. And continue to exercise the faith I already possess. I need to truly believe that God will provide for my needs; stop worring about money, a car, education, etc. God WILL provide. In my mind, it needs to become a foregone conclusion. Not, "God will provide if I don't mess up, if I read my Bible every day, if I witness at work, etc." NO! God promises to provide; therefore...HE WILL. Forgone conclusion.

Faith. I really want to blog about something extremely personal regarding faith...but I can't. Not yet. God won't let me. But it seems I've been living in faith for some things for a while now, and God is using this as an example of how everything in my life should be. And based on the testimony of a few people here at church, I'm certain more than ever that my faith is grounded both in God and in reality.

I delight in my faith and the objects of my faith. I'm anxious, but faith sustains. It's hard to explain...but the word "joy" comes to mind. Not happiness or some fleeting emotion...but true joy and satisfaction...and anticipation.

Thank you Lord.