Sep 1, 2007

Frat house and Balaam

So I'm sitting here at the frat house, fighting the internet connection...

Did I say frat house? Yes. I've moved in. Room with a view (and an escape) too!

Pictures might follow up.

Coming up on my 100th Blogger post. Not every post has been memorable; I'm sure I've done at least a dozen video blogs. I'll think of something somewhat memorable for the 100th post.

But back to the topic at hand. I have moved out of my parent's house and into my church's frat house on the campus. School starts for me next week, probably the same day I will be able to buy books. Always fun to not have books for the first day of class.

Other than that, life has pretty much been the same. Yes, some things have been going on behind the scenes, but those are only need to know.


Something of a substance. Finished reading through Numbers today, start the next book tomorrow. (It's late, I don't feel like spelling the book out. We will call it Deut for short.) Those first few books of the OT are really...different. Moses and the Holy Spirit needed a copy editor. Whole chapters don't make any sense in context. People's actions, and especially God's, don't really make much sense either.

Here's a good one: Balaam. God tells him to only say what God wants him to say, and that he should go with the foreign king's men because they came so far to get him; Balaam agrees with God. So he sets off to go bless Israel. And then God gets mad at him for going! Later on God uses the donkey to speak to Balaam and reconfirm that Balaam should only use the words God wants him to use.

See what happened? God TELLS Balaam to go, and then immediately gets mad at him for going! Since when does God get angry at us for doing what He wants us to do?

I'm sure there is a rational and logical explanation for this, but it's eluding me.