May 10, 2006

E3 2006

As most of you are probably unaware, E3, the big Electronic Entertainment Expo, is currently underway in California.

This is the big event for anyone interested or working in video games. All the companies come out for a three day fest, revealing new hardware, games, designs, mergers, what have you. It's the biggest and wildest videogame party in the world. And it's exclusive to the industry, so not just anyone can get in...which is a shame.

Most of you probably don't care at all about videogames. "Waste of time" "Immature" "time better spent reading your Bible!", etc, I've heard it all. I don't need to defend videogames. Just because the industry is rivaling Hollywood and most videogames deliver a better story and entertainment experience ("Killing people is entertaining??" ignorant) than most movies...well, a stuck opinion won't change overnight.

HOWEVER! Nintendo is trying to change all that with it's new system, the...Wii. Terrible, terrible name, yes. It used to be codenamed the Nintendo Revolution, which is alot better. But anyways, it looks like its going to be really fun to play with Nintendo's Wii.

I could go into detail regarding why this new innovation and system is going to explode the gaming market...but rather, I'd just as assume you watch two short videos.

Fairly confident these are the much stuff is being updated on the website that it gets difficult to keep track of where everything goes.

Anyways...the Wii is amazing.

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