May 23, 2007

WHOA!! Just saw this a sec later

Video of the Kaiser Chiefs performing "Oh My God" from Trocaderos, back in April...


Oh, and this is my favorite song from them. At least to see live...

Both times I've seen them, this song was the standout song of the night. They let the audience finish singing, accomplished by throwing the lead singers mic into the crowd.

Not the best of sound quality...but an idea. Too bad you don't see me...I'd be almost directly underneath the video camera.

The band had some guy with a high quality handheld walking around the show all night, so the possibility exists that I might show up on some official video later on.

I mean, I was like 3 feet from the lead singer at one point...and only about 5 feet from the guitar player all night. Stranger things have happened.

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