May 23, 2007

The Rock Connection...from the Beatles, to U2, to...?

"There are many things I could be proud of, if I'd only invented them...such as the wheel."

Kaiser Chiefs are rapidly becoming the new U2 in my little world. While they might not be big enough to sell out stadiums (except Live 8), they very much remind me of a young U2.

There is a theory floating around the internet that rock and roll is coming to a close.

This theory is based almost primarily on the album art from The Beatles and U2. The guy argues that The Beatles set the ground work for rock and roll. Then U2 came along a few decades later and took what the Beatles did and expanded it.

The theory goes that the last band of the Big Three is already winding up. The author believes it's Coldplay, based on this whole album art conspiracy thing.

Me? It's the Kaiser Chiefs, definitely.


One more shameless plug - U2:3D comes out to IMAX this summer. I'm going to arrange a showing, try to invite as many people as I can to go. It might not be the same as going to the concert...but on an IMAX screen, and with this new 3D technology, it's going to be nearly as good!

Would love it if you'd come.

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