Mar 20, 2007

A Very Convenient MisTruth

I've been getting really tired of many things recently. I'm really tired of Al Gore and his global warming...excuse me, climate change...agenda. Getting really tired of people telling me that Hillary Clinton "makes sense" and would be a good President. Getting really tired of people telling me that it "is so unfair!" that we are in Iraq.

Getting really sick and tired of all the stupid ignornant morons who are convinced that they know the truth without doing any research. REALLY. SICK. OF. IT.

New rule with me - if you think you have an opinion on a political subject, and you think your opinion is valid, then I'm going to ask you a few simple things. And if you have no idea what I am talking about, or try to work your way around the questions, then just shut your mouth. You are an ignorant cog in the masses. You are, simply, NOTHING. Grow up.

I'm thinking of several people in particular here, but I will not name names.

And finally do away with all this nonsense about global warming, read this.

An Inconvenient Truth To Promote A Cause

My title, not the authors. Excuse the lame but intentional pun on Gore's "picture."

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