Mar 22, 2007

OS X and XP

Now THAT is something I kinda like. I don't know why, not really...but I like it.

Macs. Interesting machines. Granted, most of my user experience with them is on that insanely crappy machine running in the Harpel's know, the Mac that takes a day and a half to open eye(sore)Tunes, can't view videos online because of it's dying screen, and has that annoying mouse that tends to forget it's attached to the machine.

Or are those just hardware issues? Hard to tell at times...

I should probably take the time to post a whole blog about this...later though. But I'll just say this up front here:

If I could get a Mac to do everything a PC does, and do it as well as a PC without relying on "illegal" programs to provide basic user compatibility, or any gimmicks (making movies, podcasts, "hey look a camera!"), can natively play any computer games I might already own and that I might wish to own in the future (within graphical reason), all for under $1500...

I'd buy a Mac. Although 95% of the time I'd still hate OS X with the exception of one or two programs.

I'm already learning slowly but surely to hate Windows Vista. Yes, it has only been out for a handful of months and needs time to shake the kinks. Yes, I still wish I could do everything in DOS cause I like having control (OS X, Vista, and to an extent the 95/98/XP family does the same thing).

It's the OS I can't get over. That and the Dashboard...ugh.

There will never be a perfect computer. This I know. The most I can hope for is an easy to understand and use experience. Which seems to be screaming Mac nowadays.

But so help me if I become a self-absorbed materialist left-wing jerk who appears in commercials...

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