Dec 6, 2006

A key to being a good leader

I've been having some problems with my current supervisor at work recently. I say current, because up until a few days ago, he wasn't the only supervisor; our head manager is now gone for a few months following her knee surgery. And honestly, I do not know how long I can last with this guy fully in charge.

Then I ran across this quote, and it basically explains perfectly the problem I have with him and some managers from my past.

"You don't get to be a leader until you learn how to get people to trust you enough to follow you. And the way you do that is by learning to get along with other people, understand them, learn their needs: cooperate. Effective leaders are people who can build communities, not people who defeat all rivals." -Orson Scott Card

My managers are the exact opposite of this. It's them against everything else, and it is their sovereign duty to make sure that the universe runs according to their plan and schedule. If you don't fit, then you get booted or forced to fit.

So now my problem is having to live and continue to work with them. The Bible talks about treating them with respect, heaping "burning coals", doing the work unto God, etc. All great things to have in mind.

But how do they help in the practical every day occurences? Especially when you get so frustrated and full of anger that after you count to 10 you are looking for a bat to hit something with...

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