Dec 29, 2006

What is the Art of It?

Jelani posted this on his blog recently. I managed to convince him to let me borrow it.


What is the sign of the end
The time of unperil
The time to descend and rise
The time of acting and..
The art of living and letting
At least I have my homie
What else do I need to live?
I hope the Lord Hears me!
Can you Hear me?
Or is it just a vain imagination
Or is it just plain concentration
The Free will of choice
To do evil or do good
What is the art of living this life?
Is it a formula or a ritual?
Rituals brings religion
Religion brings legalism
Legalism bring death
What is this relationship that I choose to be a part of ?
Is it hopeless for me as a slave
Or am I a friend?
Can you answer that
I hope I hear from you soon
I know I have drifted away a little
Well maybe alot like I alwayz do.
What about everyone else?
I am not seeking man approval but yours
But maybe you can't see that
I hope you do and all I want is to please you
But in my demise I fail
Unspeakable thing which are told
Am I worthy to speak of those things?
You tell Me ?

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