Nov 23, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

For some reason, I feel the need to blog. Not really in a sentimental, I'll let others do that. And not in a need to list a bunch of things; that'd be too cliche. I really don't know...just need to blog.

Well, I suppose I can get sentimental on one little thing. There are quite a few coworkers of mine who have no place to go for Thanksgiving. A box of pizza, some cocoa, and a dvd are all they have to look forward to, for whatever reason. I'm not really in the best of positions to invite them over; it's not my house, not my food, and my parents had already invited another family over (the Forteza's). Still, I wish I could do a little something for them. I know that if I had a place of my own, and one with a little bit of space, I'd have just invited them over; probably have even gone to all the trouble to cook and everything.


I know I should be thankful (here we go...) about my job. Well, some days I am, other days I am not. It's a little disappointing, but with my job, the bad days outweigh the good days. That's not to say that the majority of days I work are really bad days; they're not. Most days are just work days; blah days. But the really bad days definitely outweigh the really good days.

As I'm writing this, I'm very conscious of the fact that today has been my only day off in quite a while, and that in less than 12 hours, I need to be back at work. I'm one of the "lucky" few who get to go in an extra hour early tomorrow. So while the rest of my family enjoys a halfday and two days off, all I really feel like doing is just sitting back and resting and trying to overcome all the physical pain that has developed in the last week or so. Mainly in my arms and ankles.

Although too much tylenol makes me feel the veins in my arms...which is creepy...


So I said I'd blog about it, so I might as well right now. Made two major purchases recently. The first one being an HDTV. The second one being the Nintendo Wii. (Yes, I'm one of the chosen elect.) I might post pictures later if I decide to take some.

Ok, first...the tv. Samsung 27" Slimfit HD. Slimfit meaning that it's not plasma or lcd, but it's about 17" deep. Very small, very light. On just regular rabbit-ears, I'm already picking up most of the HighDef channels for free around town (although for some reason WCCO seems to be having issues with theirs...). I even get several bonus channels, like a weather channel, and The Tube, which is the coolest music television channel I've ever seen. Not only does TheTube play new videos, but I've seen stuff going as far back as The Doors, seen lots of live concert footage, and even videos that feature mashup songs! So far I've only seen U2 once on there (Vertigo live from Chicago), but they did play the Frank Sinatra/Bono video (I've Got You Under My Skin).

The tv has been working great. There is one little problem with it though. On the left hand side, about halfway down, the picture starts to curve. It wasn't too noticeable watching or playing games when I first got it; but now that I have the Wii, it has become more pronounced.

The Wii is awesome. Serious. It comes with Wii Sports (baseball, tennis, bowling, boxing, and golf), and the package deal from Costco that I got also included Zelda: Twilight Princess and ExciteTruck (which sucks, so I sold it and got Call of Duty 3). The Wii also plays Gamecube games, can use the old GameCube controllers and memory cards, and eventually, I will be able to connect it to the internet and download old Nintendo and Sega games (for a small fee, of course).

You know, the Wii needs it's own blog in a while. Besides, it's starting to hurt to type.

Upcoming on STU2's blog: a look at why I can't seem to, for the life of me, raise my hands in praise during service. Is it fear, lack of praise, or too much exercise? And as a special bonus, I might finally reveal my "test" that tells me which dating couples I know will stay together or not. Stay tuned... final thought for now. I've been meaning to get my hands on a copy of the New Living Translation for a while now, mainly sense it's what we use in church. Well, I was going to just go to one of those Christian bookstores and pick one up for WAAAAAY too much, but I decided to check out Half-Price Books instead. Managed to find one fairly cheap there, and ironically, it happens to be the Spirit-Filled Believer's version. Coincidence or divine proof?

Hmm...ok, a coda thought/bit o wisdom. If you have wisdom to offer someone, don't just give it freely; wait until someone asks or is ready to hear it before you speak up. Til then, keep your mouth shut.

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