Jul 10, 2006

Speed Running

As most of you know, I enjoy videogames. I don't sit and play them all the time, I don't give up sleep or social interaction for them, I don't have a Level 40 War Dwarf or whatever in an online game, and in fact I've never played any online games (No Everquest, Ever!), and I don't any game memorized except for Tetris.

Yet I still play them and enjoy them, primarily because I grew up playing them. Bought a Gameboy with my own money waaaaay back in the late 80's, played it to death for years until it finally broke, and eventually bought my next videogame system, a Nintendo 64, in 98/99 (bought it used from a friend for only one game...The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time).

I'm sure I could devote a whole blog toward videogaming...pros and cons...the Christian argument...health issues, etc. However, I wish to bring to your attention something eles at this time.


SpeedDemosArchive is a site that hosts speed runs of videogames. A speed run is where someone tries to play through a game as quickly or as correctly as they can.

Good examples of this would be someone beating the original Super Mario Bros. game in 5 minutes; the original Legend of Zelda game in 33 minutes; getting a 100% completion rating in Metroid in under 20 minutes; beating a certain race in a racing game in the fastest time possible; etc etc.

If you have ever played a videogame, either recently or way back when your were a child (aka, younger), you should go check this site out. Look up the list of games, see if one that you remember playing is there, then find out what special thing someone did with the game. The videos are all easily downloadable and enjoyable.

Recommended vids from me include: that first Super Mario Bros run, the Mario 3 run, the Goldeneye run, and the Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time run (because it's one of my favorite games from recent years, and you can experience the whole game in about 2 and a half hours).


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