Jul 11, 2006

Sanitized movies is a violation of copyright law!!


I consider this great news. It has always annoyed me that people are willing to just cut out any "objectionable" material in a movie or book. Reminds me of a girl I knew back in junior high who would cut out whole portions of her Bible because she didn't like them.

This reminds me of those annoying commercials you see in theatres or on dvd. "You wouldn't steal a car...You shouldn't steal a movie!" Now it's "You wouldn't cut out the Mona Lisa's smile...You shouldn't sanitize a movie!"

Word of advice- if you find something objectionable, choose not to see or rent that movie! But don't start santizing movies so that you can enjoy them better...movies such as Saving Private Ryan or Shindler's List wouldn't be as good or as historically accurate if you cut out the blood or profanity!

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