Jul 31, 2006

Am I angry enough? Are WE angry enough?

One small thing I want to address first...JP, you have my prayers. I hope he has a speedy and smooth recovery from the accident, and that through this whole process a valuable lesson will be learned. Heal, man. Sit back and watch some Simpsons and heal.

Now on to to true purpose of this blog...

You all know I work at a radio station, primarily dubbing old reel to reel tapes of sermons and lectures from the seminary and church. Boring stuff, I always have my own headphones handy, because really, who wants to listen to some theologian from the 70's prattle on about something theological that is half based on Biblical proof and half based on what he wants the Bible to say. A prime example of this is popular culture, music, and end times theories. No, Russia is not the Anti-Christ...get yourselfs up to speed.

Anyways, I don't actively listen, but at times little thoughts and sentences come to me from the speakers. I have no clue who said it, what the context was, or even when it was said. But a thought stuck with me...which I will try my best to remember and paraphrase:

"How mad are you about today's youth? How mad are you at how they are slowly turning from God and becoming like they are? How mad are you at how people have corrupted this generation, teaching them to hate their parents and despise each other, and just fend for themselves?

"How mad are you to do something about it?"

That's a powerful thought. And it's been coming back to me over and over again. And yet, I'm going to turn it on it's head.

How mad am I at how today's youth are turning from God...who are already Christians and in church? The answer, surprisingly, is for the most part, very mad.

I've lost track of the number of my peers who have rejected God. I'm sure it's just coincidence that most of these people came from highly judgemental and legalistic backgrouds. And yet, it's like there are two major paths my generation, coming from a Christian background, tends to walk. One- they accept the indoctrination (negative), or God in general (positive), completely. Or two- they turn their back on God and church and the Christian life completely. (negative, of course)

The stories I've heard are heartbreaking...

A leader in the youth group growing up goes to college, meets a man, has a baby, and runs crying to their parents for support.

Another girl spends her time jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend, constantly looking to herself, struggling to find any meaning in her life beyond the next fun attraction who will help pay her bills.

A guy graduates from college, starts experiencing the party lifestyle, hooks onto drugs, near impregnates his girlfriend, and contemplates suicide.

Then there are the people who actually do commit suicide. I am related to at least two of them, that I know of. Suicide and abortion are probably the two most touchiest subjects I know, and I am familiar with people who have gone through or known someone who has experienced them.

So what am I trying to say here? I don't think I'm saying that I need to become a youth pastor or anything. I have my doubts about many people who claim that they are destined for the ministry in one form or another. I am always curious how they just know "God is calling them" to such and such.

But...am I mad at what is becoming of Christians my own age...and people my own age in general?

Emphatically, expletively...YES.

And it all grates on me, and I feel powerless to do anything about it.


The Charlebois said...

Thanks for the well wishes, Stewart!

The Charlebois said...

That is great news!!! Let me know how it goes!!!