Jun 12, 2007

Friends, and Frat Part Duo

Ever judge the quality of your friendships by how much time you spend on your friends? Do you ever worry that you really don't care about certain friends simply because you never talk to them or interact with them? It's kinda scary if you give it much thought. Really shows who is truly important to you in your life.

But anyways...

Finally picked up my AA at NorthHenn. Wow, what a wonderful experience it is dealing with those admissions people. I have never once had a helpful experience interacting with those offices. Everyone is always rude and put out to help you in any way. And that guidance counselor I met with years ago? What a bunch of help. "What do you want to do? Ok, get your AA and then transfer. Now get out." Sheesh.

My goal this summer is to be out of the house by the end of said summer. I think it's about time, don't you? Sure. I'm just curious how I'm going to do that. Already I'm strongly thinking of getting out of the bakery. I do not ever want to work another graduation season/thanksgiving/christmas in that place. Any other department that doesn't involve food, perhaps, but not the bakery. And honestly I'd rather just get out of Costco all together. I'm not too keen on working in such a big Fortune 500 place, even though managers start at $50g. Life's not all about money, right?

As I explained to my manager in a little talk one day, the most important reason I could never stay at Costco is the cost to your personal life. Managers are expected to work at least a 12 hour day, one day off. And those hours can be from 5 am to 10 pm or really at any time. Can I get married and raise a family on that? "Shoosh, kids, daddy needs to sleep. I know it's only 6 pm, but he has to be at work at 4 am."

No thank you. So really, other than Supervisor, I'm as far as I want to advance at Costco.

So I'm seriously of finding another job. Problem is, I can't accept less than $12, and I'd prefer not to have wrist killing 60 lb bag manual labor. I shouldn't be living off extra strength Tylenol and Tylenol PM in order just to stay asleep at night.

I'm already thinking of how to move out of my parents and into the frat. First step is to do something with all this crap I've accumulated. The wrong answer is to toss it all. I'd have all of college paid off if my mom hadn't sold off my vintage Star Wars collection for pennies. And yes, she realizes she messed up, lol.

So, I've got some purchases to make before I can move into the frat. One, storage boxes that are water proof. Those will be for cd cases, books, magazines, etc. Misc stuff, really. I went through all my mags a few weeks ago and threw about a foot high stack away. What's left are keepers. Preferably I'd like to send them to a bindery, but that'd cost. My boxs of comics can be stored safely at my parents. They've been tucked away for three years now, with me just pulling them out to inventory or add to them on occasion. Those are fine.

(BTW, just Star Wars comics, I'm sitting on over a grand. Maybe two or even three grand.)

Next thing is obviously clothes. What's really important to bring to the frat, what can I leave her and grab when I really need them. But the most important thing, at least in my little world, is my television. Space is at a premium at the frat, and I definitely need my TV for dvds and games. (Might even buy a 360 and Xbox Live on the frat's high speed connection!!) So I'm strongly thinking of abusing Best Buys' return policy in a paycheck or two and trading in the SlimFit HD for maybe a 32" LCD flat panel or something. I love my TV despite it's flaws, but it's still too big for the frat.

So I've got some goals. Which I'm dwelling on daily. Still, it's gonna be a while before I actually make the move.

Pray with me on this.

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