Apr 18, 2006

World War III...a rant

Is anyone else disgusted, saddened, and angered by the events that are currently going on in the U.S. and the rest of the world??

I wake up every afternoon and immediately check out the news, and every single day, it depresses me.

A bomb goes off in Tel Aviv, put together by innocent metal shop workers, and the sharpnel kills everyone around, and people DEFEND the bomber??

A known conspirator and hijacker from 9/11 that has been in prison is expected to be set free because he "was abused as a child?"

A bunch of students in California are angry because because a Republican blogger put their press released and FREELY DISTRIBUTED contact info up on another website other than their own??

An entire country is under attack because of a fricking CARTOON???

In 1910, did people get "That Feeling?" In 1935, it was probably more obvious, but did the US get "That Feeling" before Pearl Harbor?

I look at the world, and I'm scared and very much angered. It almost seems pointless to even think about further education or marriage or jobs or anything. Whats the point?? Either its all going to end (as much as I liked that Ezekiel series, its had a weird effect on me) or we are all going to go to war against the Muslim world very, very soon. And then, really, no body is safe anywhere.

Plus, if war happens...how can we wage war effectively when our coasts are controlled by moonbats who will stab us in the back and welcome the bombers with open arms, a kiss, and a piece of sharpnel lodged in their head.

Welcome to the US...currently, we have our right hand in a fist, and our left hand is holding a knife to our back.

What a wonderful world...

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The Charlebois said...

lol...thanks for the U2 encouragement, bro. :)
Audio engineering would rock. If you have a gift for writing, why not get involved in audio engineering and then write about it? Or why not get involved in audio engineering and then have an op-ed hobby on the side? There are lots of options.
Keep in mind, though - journalism reaches FAR beyond just the print medium. There's internet, TV, radio, magazine, you name it its out there. I'd get burnt out on print if I were you, too. That would suck. Check out your other options. You could get a broadcast degree and work in video editing. Lots of options.