Apr 7, 2006

Eyeball surgery

Been hunting around the blogs, discovered that all the people over at IGN are finally blogging, so I'm catching up on all the wacky things that go on in the offices of the people I'd love to work for/with (although Game Informer is local, they are Bay Area). Anyways, reading one of the editor's in chiefs blogs, http://blogs.ign.com/craig-ign/p4, and he has a short little blog about geting some surgery done on his eyes...Lasik or otherwise, not sure. Anyways, a wonderful little quote:

"The procedure took very little time at all. More time was spent in the actual preparation of the surgery than on the table itself. And once on the table, the Valium eases the stress enough that you just sit there and watch your eyes being sliced from a first person perspective.

The result: three days later and I'm seeing 20/15 in both eyes, with no side-effects other than a slight burning sensation that's easily ignored."

Ignoring the sheer comedy of watching your own eyes get sliced from a first person perspective...lol...this is a procedure I've always had mixed thoughts about. Would I love to be able to do away with glasses and contacts for the rest of my life? Yeah, sure. It took me a few months just to be able to put contacts in my eyes the first time, and even today, years later, I cheat; you are supposed to look at it coming in...I do this thing where I look in the corner of my eye, touch, and then blink it in. I still can't look at my finger going straight into my eye.

The cost is a little daunting though. However, it is something I probably should look in to.

Oh, and a word of advice? If you are a smoker, don't be taking valium. The combination of the two makes you puke for quite a while. Found that out first hand when a friend started excusing himself every hour on the hour to go throw up...

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