Jan 8, 2006

New Year's Realization 2

I'm importing this over from my other blog on myspace...it's part 2 in a probable series of New Year's Realizations. Part 1 might come over at a later time...

Would you agree it is fair to say that most Christians, instead of modelling their lives after Christ, instead model their lives after Paul or Peter or other Bible people?

I know growing up, I could pretty much fit most of my peers into two categories: those who care, and those who don't give a care. I don't need to describe the latter group...but the former group is fun to describe. In Baptist fundamentalist circles, this is the group that typically has an overdomineering mother, with a father who is probably a deacon and works construction or some other manual labor. They follow "their" Bible to a T, always attend each church service, and generally throw a Bible quote into every other line. Examples would be something like "Hi. I'd like to order a bacon cheeseburger, and did you know Jesus died for your sins? Oh, no pickles."

But tieing this into my thought above...these kids, typically, can always be seen reading the biography of some notable missionary or lay person. These are the people who typically say that Amy Carmichael or that guy who went Africa (or worse, the guy who wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye) is their hero. But once again tying this into the book i'm reading as well as my New Year Realization...

It seems we tend to pattern our lives more after others than we do the one person we are supposed to be following...Christ. Why is it we are more quick to see what Paul or Peter did in a specific situation than what Jesus would have done, or did?

Make no mistake- I am not supporting the WWJD movement. I disagree with them utterly, and think what they have done is cheapened Christianity. Christ is not a commodity.

But is there a good argument for this? Is our focus on the wrong person(s)?

And bringing it closer to home...Is my focus wrong?

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