Aug 10, 2009

Guest Post from my friend, Jelani Brinson

STUART - I just found this while reading through some of Jelani's old blogs. Thought I'd reshare it for us all. Ignore the errors in spelling or grammar, please, he went to private school...


Writers block...

Anyways I found this in on blog on myspace. I wrote it down from Bruces Sermon. Its one of my Favorites..

Why are we listening to the devil more than God? DO we need help people? Seven lies that usually affect us here they go. Compliments to, you know where I got this from if you remember. Thank you

1. God does not love you. / Whenever you hear that "God does not love you" Its not from God. Their is victory in Jesus. YOu must win the victory in you mind,

2. God cares about other more than He does you.
Come on people. Really what God Loves is Faith. *(EVERYTHING) Put your Faith in the works of Jesus.*

3. God cannot be trusted
Again Everything, Put Your trust in God.

4. Your not good enough to be blessed.
YOu are blessed in Christ Jesus. YOu can't do enough to be blessed. Their must be something else blessing thana performance.

5. God's against you
If God is for you, who can be against you. Jesus has prophetted you.

6. Things will never change.
God makes all things new.

7. YOur situation is hopeless
With GOd nothing is impossible. FOundation of your Hope is Jesus Christ (HEBREWS 7:19)

Romans 8:31-32

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