Nov 17, 2007

Hard hitting sermon

I'm not sure if it will be posted or not, but Bruce's sermon tonight is powerful and hard hitting. Basically, he's taking our church to task. He knows that some stuff has been going on that shouldn't be...sexual immortality and the like...and he is preaching it hard. 1 Corinthians 5.

Do we want to be a church with standards and rules based on the Bible? Or do we just want to be a place where we can meet and gather and gossip and fellowship and try to pick up a date?
I know my answer.

I remember having a confrontation back during my Campus Crusade days. I proved through Scripture that it is Biblical to kick unrepentant believers out of the church, and a few people got extremely angry over that idea. Grace trumps all, they said. True, but Christ still has standards for living.

For those of you who have never visited this podcast, November 17, whenever it gets posted off of THIS is why I go to this church. I'd have never heard this anywhere else.

Thank you Lord...and thanks Bruce for preaching the hard stuff.

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