Apr 25, 2007

April 26th's Realization

I plan on writing a post about going to see the Kaiser Chiefs last Saturday, as well as another post offering a review of Jeffrey Overstreet's "Through A Screen Darkly," but that will have to be for later. For now, here's something I wrote on Facebook a while back. Thought I should share it with a wider group of people.


I'm slowly realizing something. (See, I get like this when I'm alone and thinking..) What I realized is something pretty important I'm guessing.

It's...what, 2007? I graduated from high school in 2003. Now, if I had played it safe, I could potentially be graduating from a Baptist college this summer, probably with a degree in accounting or youth ministry or something.

Odds are I would be in much better physical shape, probably have a girlfriend if not a fiance, maybe even have an internship lined up at Fourth or some other big name Baptist church.

But I would not be where I am now.

All those things above...those are things I want. A college degree, a wife, a job with a certain amount of prestige to it, better physical fitness...etc.

But...and I can't help but think this...

I would be spiritually bankrupt. I would be living a lie. I would be serving a false god, made up out of rules and regulations culled from theology and the church. I would have more in common the Pharisees than I would with the believers.

So...while I see all my old friends graduating, getting married, living the "dream" as I've had it...I should not complain. While the last few years have been tough, and especially have had their low moments...ultimately, God has a different path for me, and it's not what's expected.

The future scares me. But also excites me as to it's possibilities. It's time I get more serious and embrace that future.

A friend of mine who I graduated high school with has admonished me on occasion that I seem to hate all Baptists; that the name Baptist automatically carries bad connotations with it. That's not true.

I don't hate Baptists. I respect, admire, and even love many Baptists. But I do hate the religion that has sprung up around it. But more importantly...seeing where they are at, what they live for and strive for...

I can't help but be thankful to God that He has chosen a different path for me.

Because I could not live life as a Fundamentalist Baptist.

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Cole said...

Good post Stu. I can relate to what you are talking about. Life in the Spirit is a life of faith, not presumption. Now that's exciting!