Feb 24, 2007

Where-in I root for a team and ponder on podcasts

Tonight my old high school's basketball team, starring my brother, is in the championship game for the local Minnesota Athletics Convention. I'd be at the game, but I look outside, and I cannot see my street. My car already scares me in the snow (more so because I just found out my front right axle or something is broke...$300 broke) and I'd rather not take any chances.

So...go Warriors. Win one for us (finally).


Update on job situation- I'm pretty much getting the late baker's position. Better hours, better pay, better everything I hope. Unfortunately, I probably will not actually start that position until a few more weeks. We are currently looking for someone to fill my stocker position; a position that, when I was hired, was told that three other people had held the job in the last few months before I did. Still, I remain hopeful.

And even though I'm confirmed for the new job...I won't truly believe it until I'm done waking up at 3 in the morning.


Updated a bunch of links to the right of this blog. Most of them are websites I frequent, or contribute to, on a daily or semi-daily basis. I even know the owner/manager of one or two of them. Go check them out, lots of good stuff to be found online.


Since I'm missing certain people's email addresses, and currently are too lazy to actively search them out, I'll just post a question here.

What are podcasts encoded as?

I'd love to download Bruce's sermons, but lacking an mp3 device (I do accept nano donations), I'd be forced to either sit at the shared family computer or burn them to a cd. If they are in MP3 form, I could put multiple ones on a disc, which would be ideal.

Hopefully though I'll be able to actively attend church regularly again...once that new job kicks in.

Although I must confess, I really don't like having church in the frat. So small, so confining, so...big pole in the way, and it's not right having the band spread out. Drums behind, guitars front and center!


Ok, that's it.

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

They are mp3s
I should know, i take over the podcast admion this Saturday.
See ya at church bro,