Aug 15, 2006

The best way to enjoy work; and KQRS!

Currently, the best way to tell if I am having a good or bad day at work depends almost entirely on music. We have a radio in the back at the Costco bakery, and despite some people's attempts to tune it to 102.9 ("Slowest FM"), since I tend to get there before anyone else, I can set it to whatever I want, as long as it is music (so no KQ morning show for me).

Today was an especially good day at work! We kicked things off with a little "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2. Shortly afterwards, Drive105 played the one new song I am most excited about: "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse. Needless to say, since there was only two of us in the bakery, I cranked that boombox up as loud as it could go.

This Muse song took me completely by surprise one morning around 4 am. I have one of the previous Muse albums on my computer, but haven't really listened to it too much. This new song is just amazing. It is a type of songwriting and style that I haven't heard in a long time, and is definitely a breath of fresh air. Plus it just rocks.

Right around 7:15 am, once again on Drive105, the radio dj played the song "Stars" by Fastest Turbo Fire Engine, one of the local bands I help out with!! I guess the version he played was taken from the LP or some other master copy, because it sounded amazing! I knew the band finished the album a while back and released it, but I haven't been able to grab a copy yet. The DJ announced simply the title of the song, said it was one of his favorites, and hoped we would all like it. Well, most definitely; I haven't heard that song in a long time!

To round off the morning, JackFM played "Mysterious Ways" by U2, after an abnormally long commericial break. Easily one of U2's best songs live, I was ecstatic when they played it at my Chicago show. The simple little detail of looking around a packed arena and seeing all the many swirling colors made it a sight to behold. As an added treat Bono tends to just go off on a tangent ("speaking in tongues") during the end of the song while the band is juts grooving, and it's always one of those moments that just pulls me completely in the presence of God. You become just completely overwhelmed with emotion, your arms start rising, and your voice just starts shouting and singing things aloud that you have no control over. Definitely one of my all time favorite U2 songs.


In other news, since this will be of some interest (and chagrin) to various people, yesterday I went down to the KQRS studios for an interview. It went very well, and I guess I'm technically going to become a "promotional staff intern" or somesuch. The position in and of itself is not paid; however, various events you go to to promote will pay you. I was not looking for a job there solely for monetary purposes anyway. It is my foot in the door I'm looking at, and with both 92KQ, Drive105, and 93X all under one roof, I'd say that's a very, very good door for me to get through.

Plus, if I can use the job to plug my friends' bands or other things, that's a definite plus.

However, this opportunity also raises some issues. A good, older, wiser friend of mine, Jason, asked me recently if I as a Christian could in good conscious work at KQ. He also asked if I as a Christian could recommend, to other Christians or even to unsaved people, if they should listen to KQ. a Christian, I have no problem working for any of the stations under the ABC roof. Would I recommend someone listen to KQ or to the KQ Morning Show? Depends a great deal on the person. Musical hangups? Probably not. Politically vulernable? Maybe not. Easily offended? Definitely not. Well rounded and wise and mature in Christ? EASILY, no question about it.

Still, it's a good question to ask and think about. Certain places have a stigma to them in Christian circles, and anything to do with rock and roll is one of the worse. Jason has had to deal with this himself, being heavily involved in youth groups and church, and yet owning multiple Magic the Gathering/Dungeons and Dragons/and computer gaming stores. The D&D stigma is not as strong as it was in the 80's (no thanks to Jack Chick...), but it's still pretty big.

Of more pressing concern is the question of if my working at KQ gets me "let go" from WCTS. Being fundamentally opposed and all that wonderful stuff. It really shouldn't matter in the least, because they are not direct competitors at all, but I somehow doubt that will be the case. While I know my time at WCTS is most definitely numbered, I'd rather not go out in this manner.

One more thing- I'm guessing it's some kind of omen how freakingly close the KQ studios are to Marantha's frat house. I'm not sure what kind of omen it is, but it's an omen.

I wonder if the Omen was a good movie...

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hicko said...

Music is a very subjective thing. There's been a debate about church music happening in the last couple of days. I find my views differ greatly from others. I bought a great CD by a band called The Fray, if you haven't already heard of them, check it out. Awesome stuff.