Feb 26, 2006

Blog update, and a shoutout

My apologies for not posting more often here. I envisioned Zoo Station to be more of a serious type of blog, as opposed to one of those "my day sucked/I love popcorn!/she's so into me" type of teenage online journals. Been there, done that, hated it. So, when I have something really important to say, it will get posted here, and not on that "other" blog over at myspace. Although there might be some "crossblogging" (can I coin that term?).

Plus, I was really surprised and sorta excited to find out that there are people out there who bother reading this. All to often it feels that any sort of creative work I do, be it putting down an exact track listing on a cd that reflects a theme or a mood of mine, to actually being the editor of a student newspaper which sucks huge amounts of my time and energy, or even posting a blog online...all creative work I do seems underappreciated or worse yet unnoticed.

It's nice to be noticed. Thank you.

One little shoutout- When I'm handed a cd that has "Better than U2" written on it, I'm more than skeptical. No one is better. Period. Except maybe the Beatles.

That said, I have got to give mad props to Micah for giving me a copy of Delirious? "The Mission Bell." I've listened to it a handful of times (including as I write this) and I must say it is an excellent, excellent album. Thanks Micah.

Signing off...

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